“Idea75 proved to be a reliable partner focused on achieving the set objectives. This determination led us to want to involve them in various industrial initiatives.”

Mecprod srl
Nilso CruccasBoD President Mecprod s.r.l.

“The coordination of NIM by Idea75 was managed in a methodical and punctual way, thanks to their ability to manage the technical, organizational and regulatory complexities dictated by the location of the plant in the USA.”

Luigi Tanzarella
Luigi TanzarellaDirector of New Wind s.r.l.

“The project carried out with Idea75 allowed us to introduce innovative techniques of predictive maintenance and to control over 3000 machines in all our plants.”

Mauro Liberto De Trizio
Mauro Liberto de TrizioMaintenance Manager of Milling, Packaging and storage facilities, Gruppo Casillo, S.p.A.

“Idea75 allowed us to analyze some of the main production KPIs in real time. Thanks to the variety of data provided we will optimize several stages of our production process.”

Casillo Group
Sergio CasalinoProduction Engineer, Gruppo Casillo, S.p.A.

“Thanks to SPS project our company is now able to control the large number of variables that affect the production process of polyphenolic concentrates, to optimize production and to minimize waste.”

Sergio Laliscia
Sergio LalisciaPlant Manager, Poli4Life

“Our experience in monitoring system, combined with Idea75’s innovative algorithmic solutions led to the creation of a ZDM system that has revolutionized customer’s approach to plant management.”

Antonio SacchettiCEO, Tera

“The collaboration with Idea75 has been productive. We have created a tool for researchers and professionals to assess the vulnerability and seismic risk of reinforced concrete and masonry buildings.”

Giorgio MontiFull professor of Construction Techniques
University of Rome La Sapienza

“After careful selection Idea75 had been chosen as our partner to make its contribution in finding innovative and effective forms of communication and cooperation between the world of academic and industrial research. They highlighted their ability to work successfully in heterogeneous and complex contexts thanks to their dynamic and highly qualified team.”

Angela Abrescia
Angela AbresciaLP, Universus CSEI

“Working with Idea75 is a real pleasure. A young and competent team which strategically organized our activities taking care of every detail and respecting deadlines. Very positive feedback.”

Liviu Vornicu (P9)Legal representative PMI Exquisite (Romania)Partner

“Idea75 helped us to reduce the energy consumption of plants and the production waste with Industry 4.0 technologies against the machinery and processes inefficiencies of our mills.”

Casillo Group
Ruggiero D’AluisioControl and Development Technologies, Gruppo Casillo, S.p.A.